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Mediation Services in Houston

Mediation for Business Disputes, Contract Breaches, Insurance Claims and Other Disputes

There is a huge range of issues that could be resolved through the process of mediation, saving you or your business the costs involved in litigation. Getting two parties to come to a resolution that is reasonable and fair takes a high level of negotiating skills, as well as a thorough understanding of both state and federal statutes related to the matter in dispute. I have 28 years of experience in business law, and formerly served as a federal attorney. I am aggressive, driven and have the experience and training to be of assistance to you or your company in the process of mediation.

How does mediation work?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral 3rd party assists to help two parties in dispute to come to an agreement so that the matter can be settled, with an associated goal of avoiding the costs and uncertainty of litigation. Over my 28 years in practice, I have gained a substantial degree of knowledge and experience through drafting contracts, litigating disputes, and negotiating settlements, among other legal actions. My business law background allows me to have the depth of experience giving me a distinct "edge" over many other mediators in the field. I have decades of hands-on practice related to executing contractual negotiations with owners of large and small businesses. My ability to understand the details of contractual agreements can be invaluable in resolving a wide range of disputes through the mediation process.

There is a great deal of insight and skill involved in a successful mediation. Bringing two parties together and coming to a resolution that both find acceptable is an art. My training and experience in this area is extensive, whether the matter is a business dispute, contract dispute, partnership dispute or insurance claim dispute, among others.

Mediation: The Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

When a case is taken to court for resolution, it can drag on for months, or even years. Having an unresolved dispute hanging over your head, and the costs involved in court appearances can be prohibitive. Mediation is far less expensive, and a resolution is frequently reached within hours – not years. The two parties, with the assistance and guidance of a trained mediator, come to an agreement that both can live with. When both parties are involved in the mediation, and the agreement is made with their input, the outcome is often far better for everyone involved. As a mediator, I remain neutral, but have the ability to come up ideas and solutions that may have not been considered by either party, so that the process can move forward more quickly to resolution.

Family Issues and Mediation Services

My mediation services can be valuable for family disputes as well. Matters regarding unresolved disputes in divorce, such as parenting, division of assets, tax issues and more complex matters related to family violence or child development. There are a great number of issues that can be successfully resolved through mediation, and I believe that my experience, training and skills in this process could be of great benefit to you. Contact my firm to discuss your situation or the dispute you hope to resolve through mediation.

Mediation has moved to the forefront as the optimum method of dispute resolution for a wide range is of issues. Not only is it far less expensive, those involved in the negotiation and final agreement are more likely to adhere to the terms of the agreement, as each person was involved in the process, as opposed to having a decision imposed by the court. This allows everyone involved to move ahead with the situation resolved, with no need for the costs and stress of litigation. However, should litigation be your only option, I have extensive trial experience in all matters of business, entertainment, personal injury, estate, and family law, as well as serving as a mediator in these matters.

Contact my firm for information about our mediation services.

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