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Houston Bicycle Accident Attorney

Do you need legal help for a bicycle accident claim?

Injuries incurred in a bicycle versus vehicle accident can be horrendous. Cars and trucks are so much bigger than bicycles, and while the bicycles often end up in a twisted heap, the vehicles involved will barely have a scratch. As for the bicyclist? Broken bones, deep lacerations, head trauma and death are frequently the result. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to a bicycle collision with a vehicle and the other driver was at fault, you should contact a Houston personal injury attorney. My firm, Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, has years of experience in helping such injury victims recover the compensation deserved.

Even if the other party has insurance, you can expect that they will do everything possible to pay you as little as possible for your injuries. More often than not, there will be medical bills, including ambulance, hospital stays, surgery, medications, and physical therapy. If the injuries are catastrophic, this could easily mean prolonged hospitalization, long-term care at home, permanent disabilities, and lost wages and other financial damages. If the claim is for a wrongful death, there will be funeral expenses to deal with. Your family suffers as well.

Lawyer in Houston for Bicycle Accident Claims

You are urged to not sign any papers or accept any settlement from the other party until you have spoken with a qualified lawyer. Dealing with bicycle injuries is expensive and very stressful. My dedication to my clients means that you have an advocate in your corner to fight for you and protect your rights. My experience is extensive, including being a former Federal government attorney. I also am experienced in the courtroom but will use other means to resolve your claim if possible. Contact me today!

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