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Houston Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Injured at work? Let us help you.

Any workplace has inherent dangers, and some professions are particularly dangerous, including work in the oil and gas industry, construction and various other fields. An injury can also occur in an office setting, or any other type of work environment. If you or your family member has been injured while performing their employment duties, it is expected that there will be adequate compensation to cover the costs of medical care and lost wages. In fact, these claims can be far more difficult than expected, as many injured people have discovered after filing a claim. Valid claims can be denied, or the employer may assert that your injuries were not work related.

At my firm, The Law Offices of Patricia M. Davis, I represent injured workers and families of those who have lost their lives performing the duties of their job. My background as a federal attorney can be of great benefit to you in your case. I understand the system, how to work within it and get results, and how to press forward to recover the maximum possible in compensation, including workers' comp benefits and any possible third party claims. Whether you have been injured in an office, while driving as part of your job, have acquired an occupational disease, or any other similar situation, I am prepared to evaluate your claim and advise you of what to expect, and how I can proceed to seek compensation on your behalf.

Third Party Claims

When another company has provided services or equipment, and their product fails, such as an equipment failure, gas explosion, electrical accident or other similar situation, that company could be forced to pay you damages beyond the benefits you would get through workers' comp. It is important to have your case analyzed as early as possible to determine what could be possible. My goal is to help you recover enough in compensation to pay for the best of medical care and treatment, as well as provide for you and your family while you recover your health. When a third party has liability, there can be further compensation sought, such as for pain and suffering or loss of quality of life, in a personal injury legal action in civil court.

Types of Work-Related Injuries

My firm represents the injured in a wide range of injury cases, including back injuries, compression fractures, trauma, disc problems and spinal cord injuries. We can address injury claims such as knee injuries, broken bones, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, shoulder damage, and repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel or those that are the result of constant lifting or other similar injuries.

As the workers' compensation system can be difficult to manage, it is advised that you contact my firm as early as possible after the accident. You will be required to do certain actions within a specific time frame if you are to be eligible for compensation. Your employer must be informed, and you will be required to get medical care from the designated medical practitioner. This does not mean you cannot get a second opinion, which could be necessary if you hope to have your claim paid.

Longshoremen and harbor workers are covered under a federal act, as are maritime workers. Whether you were injured in Houston or in an outlying area in which these federal laws would apply, I can assist you, including for filing claims for damages due to the BP explosion and oil spill.

Contact us to discuss your case. We are prepared to act quickly to help you pursue fair compensation for all damages.

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